"On Monday, my life changed"
That's what I said to all my friends when I told them my story. Actually, we were me, Marylea (I call her Mary) and Naomi (you know like the famous model). We were eating and as usually I was searching him (Patrick). I didn't find him. And suddenly when there were anybody, him and his friends were here, arriving to eat. Oh my god. Not only because I saw him, but also because he was very very close of me. I couldn't look him, I couldn't stop turn around like "I didn't see you" you know? But I decided that I had to change it. I mean, it was like the third time I've seen him and didn't even say ' hello ' to him. So he went on the other side and I looked at him like a clown actually. It was so awkward but he saw me, smiled at me and say hello to me. Oh my god I was like what the fuck it is happening? I just couldn't stop look at his face. He was so cute but he was also so confuse. I mean he was here, in front of me like he was waiting something. Actually white this shit happening, he was saying hello to my friends and every normal person would present their friend to a stranger, you know? And I didn't do it. Because I was to busy at looking at him.
He went to take his food and just sat like in front of me but like it was not faraway but faraway. We could look each other and give us some sexy looking. That's what we did. But my friends wanted to go so I couldn't say no, except if I wanted to stay alone, doing anything except looked at him... Anyway, at the end, I was ready to go out but I looked at him one last time for about only 10seconds, and oh my god it's like he was reading in my mind because he looked at me too and smiled and I was so fucking happy! When I went outside I jumped everywhere and hugged everyone. Awww love can make you crazy happy...

Days passed and I hated him more and more. On Thursday, I didn't go to school because I was pissed of everything. So I stayed at home to make my bitch and create a polyvore which is the best thing I've ever did in this week. 
Friday finally. Couldn't wait for dinner because I wanted slap Patrick don't know why still had this hate against him. I was wondering if it is because of love... And I stood up to go get something but sudenddly I saw him again and I cried but I swear to god I cried and I didn't do it on purpose, I cried "OH MY GOD" because I was so fucking shocked to see him (don't ask why) and he didn't even see me. I think he's got some problem with his own eyes. I'm gonna blinded him yeah! Anyway, he really didn't see me, I wanted to say ' hi ' to him but he was with his friends so I didn't dare... and I wanted to badly to kiss him on his cheek... but them I wanted to slap him so badly oh my god! 
Then, I sent him a message on facebook saying that I didn't wanted to waste my time so just wanted to know if he was interest... blah blah blah the basic story and this fucking asshole told me maybe because he wanted to see each other blah blah blah. It was completely okay for me. Two hours ago I said to him that I wanted to stop everything because of reasons. The truth reasons were because he doesn't even speak and I want stand with someone like this and also because... I don't know leave me alone! So I told my friends this and one of them (her name is Loubna but we are going to call her Lou') said to me that I did a mistake so she just took the things in her hands. She spoke to him in my facebook account so he obviously thought it was me. She did it right because she fix everything. Now, him and I are speaking, I'm crying. 

p.s: no I'm not crying at all.

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