Lately, wearing jeans obsess myself. I have like the impression that if I wear more jeans, I'll be more thin (which is totally ridiculous). I actually only have 2 jeans in my wardrobe: a red one and a normal one (it isn't very normal, the color is very clear). I also have a boyfriend jeans but I don't count it as a jeans. Anyway. The ultimate problem with me and jeans is that it doesn't fit my legs and all... is it because im fat?! yes. :( 

I want to wear more jeans but I also want to wear checked shirts. Like on the video. Jeans with checked shirts. And I don't want them long, I want them short, so I could jump and stuff like on the video. I wish I could do whatever I want without worrying about my big belly

p.s: I know the last pic has no rapport with the jeans but it makes me happy so...

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