I started a polyvore. Like everyone else (ew)
follow me if you have got it bitches stupid-homosexual.polyvore.com

I'm going to post 3 collage photo a week and someday I'll post collage photo that looks like what I worn. Because as I don't have a camera anymore and anyone to take picture of my looks of the day I decided to create similar outfits... Idk if you understood but I'll through the posts that I will post (too much 'post' )

p.s: omg I love polyvore so much I created one week ago and this was the best thing I've ever create since... since I created my two blogs (tumblr and blogger). Actually I don't know because I also created outfits... amazing outfits. So we are going to say that's the best thing I've ever create since the two past months oh shut up derrar!!!

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