Being happy with myself is not something to do just one time. You have to be happy all your life. 
For me, "myself" is not the body or the head. For me "myself" is who you true are, like your personality you know and I have to say that I love who I am: my personalities (yes, because I have like 4persons in my mind :p), what I love and stuff.... I love myself

People would probably say that's stupid to get high, too dangerous but it's not! I got high one with one of my friend (she's not on the picture) but I was not really high it was just a little little bit. We laugh for nothing! 
And the second time, I was really high. I was high with my friend (it's not the girl behind me (even if she looks high ahah) but the one who's in front of me on the picture).
Anyway if you woudl like to try, go! Because it's not really dangerous I mean if you are not addicted to this it's okay! It makes you happy ;)

So, it was at my sister's home and I was already in the swimming pool and I was like "do it! Do iiiit!" So I picked up a black tee with my denim short and then I jumped! It was so weird to did it with the clothes on. It's two things in the same time: first it's like you had something sticked  on your skin, like you had algae on your skin but in less disgusting lol and the second thing is that you had the impression to swim with... I don't know... You had to do it yourself! :D

I'm not telling to do only those things, I'm just telling you what I did, for the moment. I'm going to do (of course if I have the opportunity) lots of other thing and then I'll post them on this blog :)


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