A DREAM. For some people, it's just something that they wish but they do almost anything to realize it. I mean when you have a dream, a true dream you have to realize it. I'm saying that because I have lots of friends who says "oh I would love to live there" or whatever and I'm like "shut up, you talk for nothing, you don't show your best to realize your dreams". Thanks God I have my best friends who knows what is a dream and plus who wants to do exactly the same things as me. I always wished I had a best friend like this and actually she was in front of me during those years (but we did't know each other at this time). Anyway!  My personal dream, my big dream is to live in New York but before that, after my 3years at high school I want to go back in England to live there for 1 year with my best friend and then I would go to NYC. That's just fantastic because my best friend wants to do it just like I want to do it and that makes me stronger! :D I wish I could do this just to prove to my sister and some of my ex friends that I when I dream, it's for real. 
I hate people who just thinks that wishing about a dream is enough, no it's not! But I'm always worried about the fact that I couldn't go there, in New York or England... 
I just can't wait for the moment when the word "afraid" will be not anymore in my vocabulary.

P.S: The text has probably none report with the pictures but I really wanted to say it plus the last picture reminds me of dreams (don't ask me why).

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