Tee: New Look | Short: H&M (was a pants)

        I really wanted to wear this outfit because I love mixing stuff but at least I decided to wear my denim shirt instead of this tee because I thought it was too much, that the colors were too much  but then I said "fuck" I love those colors. Sometimes I want to wear color or lots of prints but I'm always afraid that's too much.
        I took those pictures with my webcam because I was too lazy to go out and male a photo shoot plus I didn't find my camera so I just gave up.
        This tee is another item that I bought when I was in Lyon. This is probably my favorite tee because I wanted something with flowers and something Hawaii you know like this tee. When my friends saw this tee they were like "omg are you serious?" They didn't like it because they thought it was too girly. Anyway I don't care they don't seem to know real style.

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