Short (DIY): H&M | Tee: Thrift Store

        I was wearing this rock 'n' roll outfit 2days ago. 
The day before I go to Lyon. When I styled it, I was not completely sure about it but when I put it on me, oh my godness! Heaven! I love this outfit so much! We don't see very well the short because there wasn't so much light and my friend couldn't take me in picture. She was "too busy" so I had to do it all by myself. 
This day, I stayed outside with my friends until 3a.m. I'm a badass!

        Anyway. Today I went shopping. It was horrible for the first time of my entire life! I found anything! Actually yes I found great clothes but some of them were: too expensive - not my size - for woman. 
I'm going there tomorrow I guess again to find some great stuff. I really hope I'll find great stuff.
When I left the mall I said "even H&M has no more inspiration to design clothes"

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