PHOTO DIARY - vacation

n°1. Cool Cat 
 My sister's cat was just so adorable with me! It can't stop climbing on my computer and look at me or lie itself on my keyboard. So one night, when it decided to look at me around 2minutes (it was a bit creepy ahah) I decided to took it in picture. 

n°2 & n°3. From Woods To Waterfall
 A friend of my sister wanted to come with me in the woods. Actually it was not only woods. We "climb" a mountain and there were wonderful places like the place I took in picture. Funny fact: when I was in this woods (yes because there were like twenty woods there) I felt like Harry Potter. Don't ask me why... Funny and weird fact actually! 
Then we went to a tiny waterfall and we took a break there.

n°4 & n°5. Top of Natural
 Those pictures were taken on the top of the mountain. It was really cool, natural. 

n°6. La Vallet Bleu
 Not the same day - we went to a lake called "La Vallet Bleu". I just love the name of the lake. Of course it wasn't hot enough to have a reason to swim but  never mind we did it... the lake was cold. 

        Voilà! This is my little diary of my vacation! I hope you're having great vacation too. 
I came back home Monday, 23 and I'll probably be somewhere else in about one week but it's not sure. Bye bye! 

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  1. I would want understand u for I can write
    well, i like the pic of the cat. is a ricurita* ^_^


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