U.K, OKAY? #3

QUICK QUICK QUICK! Go back to England :)
lots of pics here

The two last pictures were taken inside the bus. Thats why there are water drops. And yea, we were a bit unlucky this day. It was raining like... like the water in the toilette! Yea!! When we arrived to London, the weather was good enough, then rain came and then, we had to walk faster to go on a boat to visited London on the river. Anyway, then we go visited a painting museum; it was so funking interesting! We couldn't go shopping because the morning we had to visited to Chelsea stadium. So boring. I hate football anyway. 
Anyway, it was not perfect enough for a first time at London. So sad but don't care because I know I will go back there. Also in Oxford ^_^
As it was raining a lot, my shoes were destroyed. I didn't wear them again, I didn't even look at them (even after my back from England) because... bacon. Hope they are still alive.

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