Nope - it is not something I did when I was in England or a diary blah blah blah! LOL if it was a diary photo you'd see more than a (simple) tee.
Today, I decided to get out from England for one day. Let's just breath DIY air :P Yea, as you can see I did a little DIY. The tee that I DIYed (is that English?) was actually a "long" dress. My mom bought it like that at a morocco store I think ages ago (so she didn't DIY too ^^). I found it when my mom cleaned up our (very very little) attic, which is actually not a true one. I just call it like that because I've no other word to describe this little place where my mom keeps lots lots lots of things. Anyway. So as you can see I just cut the dress something really simple. I've seen lots of tee, dress, bag and other stuffs in tumblr that looked like my tee so when I found it I was so glad :)

The only problem is that in my school, anyone (I think) knows this kind on tee so I don't know how are they going to react when they will see me with that. I just hope it will go fine.


Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me really happy :)