U.K, OKAY? #2

shame to my hair in front of this fucking hot guy (i'm crying)
this woman (which is a princess) was so nice and fun with us. She said she loved my necklace ahah
this guy looked at me so strangely when I wanted to take a picture with him...
making a wish with my friend ^^
making a second wish to make sure it will happen. Ahahahaha!

So the second day (which was actually the 3rd) we visited a chocolate factory the morning and a castle the afternoon. I could tell you the name of the castle but I'm too lazy to get up from this uncomfortable chair ahah! But I know the name of the chocolate factory, it's Catbury... Or something like that.
Oh god. After the chocolate factory we were so so sick! We all wanted to vomit, we couldn't even eat the lunch! 

So yea, I think it's enough for today. :) I'm about to make a DIY on my favorite red pants (I say 'favorite' but I have only one red pants) because actually my mom just destroyed it with bleach. I don't know what's wrong with her, why did she do that. But never mind, I'm gonna do a DIY with it. Just hope it will work because at every DIY I do, I fail them. Damn it! Wish me luck! 

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