U.K, OKAY? #1

Usually, I supposed to show you the pictures from the first day but I realized that I didn't really took pictures of my look of the day the first day... So there are pictures from my second day at Stratford Upon Avon.

As you can see, it's more a "photo diary" than a look of the day.
We visited Shakespeare' born place and Shakespeare' wife house. We saw a labyrinth and we could resist so we tried to get lost but the labyrinth was a bit small ^^ Anyway, my friend and I had a lovely time when we found a little cute cat. We had a lovely time too when we tried to get lost ahah! We named this cat "Michelle" (even if it was a boy) because we had so fun with this word; Michelle. Ahah! I know it's stupid :)

Jeans: H&M | Blazer: Thrift Store | Shoes: Zara 


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