U.K, OKAY? #4

So here we are... This was my last day at England. We were at Oxford for this day. As you can see we did canoe it was so fucking great (the pics of the canoe moment were taken by my teacher by the way). It was so so so amazing we laugh a lot because at every tree, we crashed on them and two of friends (we were 6) drove the boat (I don't know if we called this 'boat' ^_^) and they almost fell it was so funny! Actually, I would've never think I could do this kind of experience it was so great. I've no words to express this ahah! We wanted to jump in the water to swim and do like it was an accident but the monitor told us that if we jump, we would have to pay a bill.
The afternoon, we went shopping (yeee!) and I discovered Primark. Have you ever feel this fabulous moment? Anyway, I'm too lazy to express my feelings but omg Primark... PRIMARK, would you marry me? Yea, I'm very too lazy to talk about Primark ahahahahah. I bought new pear of sunglasses as you can see I absolutely love them! I've seen sunglasses like that on tumblr and omg I'm so happy to get them. I just didn't want the heart with the "Love You" but now, I realize that it's ok, they are fine :) And guess the price? Only 2pounds! I'm so happy but England miss me. Actually not so much but it miss me... 
Dear England, see you very son, your bestfriend Derrar.


Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me really happy :)