okay asos is killing me now. 
I was checking out asos.com to find just stuff that I won't buy then I found like a thousand of sweaters, of amazing sweaters. I was without words. And guess whaaat?! They are so fucking cheap! I wanted to buy all of them. oh dear god if only I had a credit card (with money on it of course ahah). 
My favorite one is obviously the first one. I wanted it so badly but there is not my seize... That's the big disadvantage to being fat... :( I really want to cry right now...
I asked to my mom if I could buy the " 9 lives " one but my mom was like "oh sorry it's cool but I have no money left". Ughh I hate that.
If I don't wanna be sad for fashion, I have to stop checking out fashion websites. Plus I don't think I really need it. I mean next saturday I'm going to H&M to change some clothes and maybe buy some really little pretty things lol

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