Not one world without a sound of music.

Since this afternoon during the penultimate episode of Sex and the City season 5, I was starting 
writing my own story in my mind. Not really a story, but more what I did and what I was going to do... It was like my own mind was a personal diary but I did not say my secret and stuff you know.
I think it's because I've seen too much Sex and the City. I did not stop watching it and I'm not going to stop it right now! 

The night came and I decided to change again the place of my furniture in my bedroom. It's became like a ritual with me. This time, inspirations misses. I didn't knew where could I put what. Then I looked at my wall that was spread out by image of fashion magazines and I said to myself « what if it was something else as the place of my furniture? » I caught my little chair (that I use to taking something high), took off those images that used to live with me for 1year. During taking off those images I though about the fact that we always want to AMELIORER something; what don't we try to change something else rater AMELIORER the thing? Yes, it's like in a relationship. Why don't we change something else as ameliorer something?

I had the feeling that a part of my teenage was falling likes those images that I took off the wall... Once I finished, I was proud of my new change, I felt like Carrie Bradshaw (some of you might think it's pathetic). Don't ask me why. The answer will be the same as I told later 
« I think I watch too much this TV show ». 

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