As you can see, I finally cut my. 
I did it all by myself, I was so afraid to doing it but then my mom reassured me by telling me that I did it well. I'm pretty proud :)

         This outfit is not from today.
It's actually from last Thursday. I took the picture thanks to my webcam. That's why the pics are not really great ahah. I will show you the outfit of my birthday in few days.
Oh my god! I felt so so comfy on this outfit it's so unbelievable! I wanted to wear it for ever. I wore my sport shoes to add a little touche of something else as the black and green you know. I wanted to bring something POP (lol sorry I don't have another word to represent this). As you can see on my photos about last days: I can stop wearing this bag. I was not really ready to wear it just 1 mouth ago, only because I thought the bag was to girly and too small but then I said "Nia! I don't care if people think that. I like it and even if it's too small I'm gonna take it and appreciate it."

        Anyways. Let's talk about the title!
If I say "sixteen" it's not for nothing. Today, we are the Tuesday, June 12sd a.k.a MY BIRTHDAY. I'm 40% happy and 60% not really happy. First of all because I didn't really wanted to have 16 as you know but it's life and we can't escape to it. Secondly, I hadn't a really super day. I learnt that the high school where I will go, there are gangs and bad boys. You know this kind of boys who has always trouble and hate gay people and... you know. So I'm really worry about it. So I still don't know where I will go. I'm so sad for this because I'm the kind of person who needs to know things in the right way. I mean, I'm only like this for serious stuff, like the future or something like this. Anyway it was not a really a good day. But, at the end it finished very well. As it's also the birthday of my favorite teacher (she's the best, you can't deny) my class and I decided to make her a surprise so it was really cool and we ate! :D 

P.S: I think about change something on the blog. It will be in comparison to the tittle.

Bag: | Shoes: | Coat: H&M | Tee, vintage belt and short: Thrift Store

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