Few weeks ago, a group of  singer (they are students but they sing too) came to our school to make their presentation. During the lunch, my friends and I went see them to talk to them. Two of the them were so fashionable. They had their own style. They were really well dressed. Anyway. On the girl had this kind of slight denim vest and she's wrote "Life is a joke". And then I had the inspiration to do the same thing. So as you can see on the photos I add the YING & YANG sign and FUCK OFF on the back of my denim shirt. I was so so afraid to not succeed it because I always fail my DIYs. At first, I failed the circle but I did it again, again and again and then HALLELUJAH I succeed it! :)
        I haven't worn the shirt yet. I'm waiting for a good temperature because if I wear this whereas it's hot outside, I think I would melt like an ice cream (huuum ice cream...).

P.S: I've just seen that this article is the 100th!!! Hihihi 

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