Tee: H&M | Short, Sunglasses & Hat: Thrift Store | Little Bag:

Last article before the new month that's coming: June... Yeee!!
I love the name 'June'. I think if I'd have a child (that could never happen cause I hate babies) I'd call her/him June. In plus, June is the month of my birth. Yea my birthday is coming really fast. I'm turning 16 and honestly I don't wanna to. I just want to never grow up. But in the other side I really want to grow up but just for the moment when I'll turn around 20, being graduated and go living in NYC. Anyways. I don't care at all because I promised to myself that in my mind I'll always have 14 (or 15)... even if I'm turning 16 or 17 or whaterver, I promess that to myself!

P.S: sorry for the awful pictures. My friend and I took them randomly and when I got home I realized that I've forgotten to take in picture my look of the day so I just decided to take them and put them on my blog :) But don't worry. Tomorrow or on Sunday there will be better (HOPE) pictures of another look.

 Kiss Kiss 

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