Jumper: H&M | Short: DIY | Shoes: NewFeel

I love my shoes! I think they are perfect. I bought them like 2weeks ago. I love this color so much. My friend told me that the color is "apple green" (yes, the "apple" in the title is from that :P). But in my school people told me that they are "too flashy". Well I don't give a shit.

Oh lala! Since long time I didn't post a look of the day! :) So excited the fact that my mom finally gave me a camera. It's not actually a professional camera or something like that but it's just a random one. So yesterday morning, before going to school, I took 2 or 3 pictures of my look of the day but I wasn't wearing on me, the clothes was just put on my bed you know... Never mind. Then after school I had fun with my best friend so I asked her to take my look of the day.


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