So many days since I haven't post something on my blog. Honestly I have to say that I haven't the motivation to do something on the blog. Yea I know why do I should keep a blog if I even  haven't the motivation. But I hope the motivation's gonna come (actually I feel it coming).
So, just a little article for today to say that I'm extremely happy cause yesterday around 5p.m I was back from my trip of England. I am not happy to come back but happy to was there. It was a awesome, wonderful, great (all the beauty words) experience. I met and made closer friendship and did things that I couldn't think I could do. I just can't believe I was there. Oh yea actually I went to Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, London of course but I couldn't buy something cause it was raining so much (like the water in the toilet lol) and we hadn't the time. But never mind cause I did it at Oxford. Gosh so so so amazing. I'll show you later what I bought ;) 
So see you later guyz and I'll show you pics by-bye 

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