Pants: H&M || Denim Shirt: Delaveine.com || Tee: DIY || Little Bag: Asos || Shoes: Zara

yea again, again and all over again I'm wearing my red pants. But when you have something in your waredro that you feel so comfortoble and you love; you can't just leave it and don't wear it several time. So yea :)
These are some photos that I took (actually, my friend took them) of my look of the day yes but also with my new haircut :)
I was so sab because I was telling to myself that this haircut goes not with me and then I asked to my friends and they all tell me that this haircut is great. So yea, today I think this haircut is great on me. 
And you? What do you think about my new haircut?

P.S: I called this article "I'LL DO IT TODAY, BUT TOMORROW" because actually, I was supposed to post this article like... 2-3days ago. LOL



Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me really happy :)