I catch him looked at me. I think he's cute so I looked at him too and it was like this since one week. 
One day I saw him with a girl I was like what the fuck is happening here. But it was not what we could imagine. I mean the girl was just holding him on the low of this back and when I asked to my friend what they thought about it they both said "he's not gay. He don't have the " gay face " " I was like what the hell are you telling me guys?... So when I get home I was sad for anything. That's the thing when you are a teenager. You  are sad for anything. The next day he was still looked at me and I was like what the fuck does he wants? I mean don't look at me if you're not gay or something. I asked my friends again why and they told me that he could be homophobic so that's why he always looked at me... A Wednesday morning the girl was holding him again but this time their faces were closer and my mind told me " DEAR GOD. Turn you face, you don't want to see them kiss each other! ". At this moment I was sure so I just gave up about him. 
I don't even remember this day I think it was on Sunday or something. I make a video calling on facebook with a guy that I known since ages. He told me nice thing like "you're so cute" and stuff but the second that came he told me that he will go see a guy who won't be his friend for long time. Do you know what I mean? And the second that came after this, he told me that I was super super lovely and I was like what the fuck? ahahahahah I don't jock about it, okay?
Anyway I just gave up on guys. During those moment, I think I was falling in love and today (Sunday night) I think I'm in love with him (he's name is Patrick)

On a Wednesday I decided to search the facebook profil of this infamous guy who couldn't stop look at me and on the night I found it and I found out that he was gay I was like super super happy but stressed in the same time. It was really weird... So I decided to make myself more handsome by cutting my hair and stuff but I had an accident. I wanted to cut my eyebrow but I did it with a razor as I rarely do (it's only because I wanted to do it quickly) but this time I bled and it was on the middle of the eyebrows so it was so awkward. I want to school with this shit but fortunately I didn't see him (oh! He's name is Nathan by the way). Except on Friday after school when I wanted to take my school bus I saw him and I was like "don't turn around, don't turn around" and I did it! He was smiling at me... :)  Oh my gooood! But I was wondering if he was already smiling with her friend or smiling because I looked at him (?) Anyway, I smiled at him too and I was super happy. 

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