Shirt: New Look | Short: H&M (DIY)

One of the item I bought when I was in Lyon at New Look. I was looking for this kind of shirt and I found it but not at N.L. Actually, I went first to a store called WE and I found a coral/pastel pink shirt, it was only 10pounds and it was exactly what I wanted. When I came back home I actually didn't like it because the material of the shirt was so so so uncomfortable. The back scratched my back. It was so horrible! So the next day I went back to this store and I give the shirt back; instead of the shirt I took 2 other item that I'm going to show you soon :).
Since ages I wanted to wear pink&red. I've seen those color on wheredidugetthat.com and on a picture of studded hearts, on her pinterest. Studded hearts' picture mostly inspired me because I was in focus of this color since ages as I told lol. But now that I'm looking at her outfit, I realize that her short is not red as I thought it was! Oh my god it's orange! ahahahahah

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