Blouse: Thrift Store | Jumper: wefashion 

I though this outfit would be perfect. I though it would do something like blue yellow blue / blues on yellow but it's not what I wanted. First of all, my denims have different color then my blouse, I just hate the color of the denim because it goes with any short that I own; expect my green one. I just want to soak my blouse to get another color but I'm afraid to get something more horrible than this color right know. But I'm happy for one thing in this stuff: the photo shoot. It was a great photo shoot, I didn't think about what I'm going to do as poses you know... ^^
Tonight I'm going to a nightclub for the first time with my friend. I'm really scared right know because actually my mother doesn't know that (because if I ask her she will say "no") and because... I don't know I'm always scared for anything! Anyway... LOL I hope it's going to be fine. But I have to do it anyway because I'm young and I don't know I think I don't enjoy my youth enough so that's why I really should go in this nightclub with my friend. I'm going to wear this yellow jumper with a black chino pants. Really something simple. 

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  1. Even if its not what you wanted I still think you look good! Hope you have a good time at the club : )


Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me really happy :)