You have to know that I am someone who loves changes, like moving the locations of my furniture in my bedroom. I even imagine myself with my own apartment and move the TV or the sofa... I love doing this! :D
Anyway go back to what I wanted to tell you: I think about changing the name of my blog. I know that's stupid but I also think that if you don't like something you do, you shouldn't keep going doing it. So that's why I'm going to change it; now it's gonna be "Old Kid" instead of "Style To Infinity". I love all the stuff about infinity you know but I think it's too much you know "style to"...
I chose "Old Kid" because I think that... when we are/were young-kid we all want(ed) to grown up quickly and going adult stuff and I also love those words don't ask me why. 

I still don't know which banner I should take...

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