Guess what's on me! :))
Yes! I did it! It was not something that I really wanted to do but then I said "yea yolo". 
I know we don't see it very well on the pictures but I really wanted to took a great picture but I haven't my camera anymore. All that I have right now is my webcam... 
Everything begins when I say to my friends that I wish I could get an earring with a cross or something like this, and one of my friend told me "oh my god Derrar you'd be so handsome with a mini fake plug" (a mini fake plug like this one) and I answered "yea... I want one." so she wildly said "Ok! Let's to it! Right now!" and we immediately went to the mall getting one. I couldn't help myself: I couldn't stop saying "no... I think it's going to be awful on me. Stop please, let's don't to it", but my friends insisted. I thought it would be painful but I've felt nothing. 
Nobody knows about my earring except 4 of my friends. 
I remember long time ago I said to my mom that I wanted one and she said "if you get one, I'll cut your ear". My mom is gone on vacation right now and she's going to kill me :)

Look what I wish I could get:

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