Coat: H&M |  Bag: asos.com | Short, Shoes and Tee: Thrift Store

        This is the outfit that I wore the day of my birthday. 
Four days ago, I was only 15. 15 years old...

        Alone, desperate, thinking about true friends, the future, my dreams, school, the fact that I'm gonna fail my exam all this stuff... 
I'm falling, It's like I have the sensation to loose everything and everyone. Specially everyone. Everyone leaves. People says "Best people leaves" All my friends leaves... leaves me.
I'm feeling alone. I need someone. As anybody reads my blog, I thought it would be... nice to say what I have on my mind. I thought it would be nice because expect my blog, I have anyone to talk to. My friends are here but I still can't tell them what's on my mind. I don't know why. I'm so sad, tired.

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