I desperately need to cut my hair off again. My mom keeps telling me that I should go to the hairdo but I don't wanna to because he doesn't know what I really want... Even if I tell him that I want him to do this, this or this he does something that I don't like... In plus, My old hairdo (who was completely perfect) cuts my hair for only 10pounds whereas the actual hairdo cuts my hair for 20pounds. That's also why I don't like to go at this hairdo. So I decided to cut my hair off all my myself. I just need a hair clipper. 
I always have an horrible face with pictures... It pissing me off! This is so weird because when I'm home and I take photos of myself, all by myself, I manage to make nice faces. But in front of someone... It's like I'm shame or something. Anyway! 

The bag is one of my new item that I bought in England. I actually haven't shown you what I bought there yet... Maybe because I'm too lazy ahah! 
Long time ago, I said on my blog that my mom destroyed my pants, my favorite one (it's the one that I'm wearing) and I wanted to DIY it but I needed bleach and I haven't it so... I decided to just cut it off and turn it into a short. 


Short: H&M | Tee: Zara | Bag: Primarck

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