for the first photo (sorry, I don't remember about the blog's name) I decided to wear a pink tee with my vintage belt and for the bottom I don't know yet because I could wear them with my red pants, my blue one or my new skinny jeans (that you can found here) and add my favorite blazer (I say "favorite" but I've just one blazer ahah!) that you can found in the same link by the way.
I would love to wear my pink tee with my red pants because recently I saw lots of people mix pink with red and I really like it. :)

for the next one, it's a little bit (a lot actually) an urban look. I will wear my pink polo which has multicolored stripes with like this photo a bow tie and the I'll choose my new skinny jeans. And finally my red shoes. It's really color blocking and for the spring.

for the third photo (oh. I really like this outfit) it will be a little bit all blue. Omg, I could look like smurf! Ah ah! So, I will wear my blue pants, with my denim shirt and a purple vest. I could wear also my vintage belt... Yea I think I'll add my vintage belt.

and finally for the last photo I'll wear my green shirt,  my red pants, my blazer and of course my vintage belt.

In those inspirations, I will wear my vintage belt a lots! ^_^
Ok so I hope you will like my way... I would take in photo the looks of the day. But I'm not really sure because I don't have a camera anymore (the one that I had, has broken) and all the thing that I have is my webcam (really bad). So I'll do the best that I can :)

P.S: I might post the looks of the day in 2 or 3 weeks. Because I'm on holiday and as you know, I don't go outside so the only moment where I can wear my clothes is when I go to school. Ah ah!

So bye, see you soon!


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  1. I kind of really adore your blog :D + the photos are magical!!



Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me really happy :)