Coat: H&M || Scarf, Hat & Jumper: Thrift Store || Necklace: DIY

Oh gosh! My friend took so great pics for my Look of the Day but unfortunately she can't give me those pictures for some reasons that I forgot.
Nyaah! Don't even care. Just imagine me wearing these clothes plus my red jeans. :)

It's 04:08 a.m and I'm still wake up thanks to my wonderful and delicious coffee (seriously, it was the best coffee ever). Right now, I'm looking for new songs and I'm so fucking happy because I've just discovered new songs like them (1 2 3 ) but I'm also angry because my internet has started to be so slow!

Anyway, I let you know because my eyes are clothes all by their self and I've to say that I DONT APPRECIATE BITCH

P.S: for title of my article, i was inspired by the song of Alicia Keys called "No One".

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