OK. First of all, I want to say that I'm really really sorry for the little "thing" in the middle of the video!
Yesterday, my software decided to put a f#cking description in the middle of my video. I don't know what is it. Anyway, if you have any recommendation for a perfect software with which we can do assemblies videos, TELL ME! A free one please :)

So, go back to the look of the day! I called this look of the day ''THE MOVES'' because yesterday morning, when I was dressing these clothes and when I was ready to go to school all that I wanted was to dance, to move my legs, my arms... everything! :P   I felt so comfortable on these clothes.

I wanted to take in picture my look of the day but unfortunately my camera is broken. I've brought it at the store where I've bought it for they can repair it. So, I decided to take a video of my look of the day with my webcam.

Hope you liked it!

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