OH-MY-GOD. I cannot express my feelings when i see these photos. Seriously! Look at these! The poses are so cool, the clothes so lovely, the model is so damn beautiful (and trust me, i don't often say that! Ha Ha)

Pink - White - Green - Yellow
every color is here to have a great fall (or for the next spring/summer. The way you want, i prefer both :) )

The part that i hate is probably the fact that when i see those pictures i'm telling to myself "i wish i was a girl to wear those wonderful clothes". YES I'M JEALOUS! Ha Ha Ha!    And also sometimes i'm telling to myself "damn! Why?! Why there are not clothes like those but for men?!". But when i see those clothes again, again and over again i'm telling that i could finally wear those clothes... Even if it's only for women. I mean, who knows if the jumpers -on the picture number 5 and 6- are only for the women?.. They could be wear by a man too :)

P.S: I could also wear the green skinny pants on the last picture. Hi Hi

love xx D.

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