I don't know why I've written the name of my blog on this picture ^_^

Watch: 3suisses.com          Short: Rica Lewis --> DIY          Navy Jumper: Delaveine.com          Shirt and Necklace: H&M

Sorry I really did the best that I could for these pictures.

For the first time, I didn't wear my glasses I thought that changes a little bit something... 
And I think that changes something but... I don't like my face when I'm without my glasses.

Anyway Let's talking about the autumn! 
As you know, I LOVE the autumn and just last day I saw a video that is talking about the autumn/winter trend and the color of the autumn/winter. The video said that colors of the autumn/winter are white and more... sorry I don't remember :S I could give you the link of this video but it is in french...  
By the way I wanted not tell you that!
 I mean I wanted to know what is your favorite color of this season I mean you know some people has a special color uniquely for the seasons...Just like me; my favorite color are orange, red.. etc. but actually for this season my favorite color are  neon and yellow... Yeah I think it's really greats colors for this season. ANYWAY! Now, let me know, what is your favorite color. I'm talking about the season or if you don't have a special color let me know too; I want to know what is your favorite color :D

Thank you for reading this! 
Love U sweet people and have an amazing weekend! 

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