Δ That + That = I Create My Look

Hey U! 
Well as I told you in my previous post; Monday I begin a "week of look"... I still hope you will understand little by little...  Anyway! Stop blah blah and here is the 1st image of my "That + That = I Create My Look"! :-D

Necklace from Style Scrapbook         Shirt from Carolines Loves It          Long Skirt from The Sartorialist          Shoes from WhereDidUGetThat

So as you can see it, it's a feminine outfit this means that... Mondays will be the day for U pretty woman! ;) :-P

I've taken few pictures "right and left" to made this outfit who has came in my mind...

Well... I hope you enjoy it! 


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  1. I love the outfit you've created, in particular the necklace is amazing! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???


Thank you so much for your comment. It makes me really happy :)